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Figure Drawing Practice

From the book, 'Michael Hampton Figure Drawing Design and Invention'.

When did you last draw? §
Were you any good? §
Why faces? §
Why did you pick drawing up again? §
What sort of stories? §
  1. A High Fantasy Medieval Romance story. It explores a very base sort of stockholm theory.
  2. A Military-Sci-fi with my take on a realistic mecha design. It explores dispassionate conventional warfare.
  3. A Psychological Space Romance Harem set on a remote space ship. It explores female neuroticism in a setting where women are deprived of attention.
Has it been fun practicing? §
Will you become any good? §
Why are you using this method? §
first sketch no practice.webp
This was my first sketch, with no guide, just spitballing. While I thought it was good for no practice, the people at /ic/ disagreed. There is nothing good about it, and the criticism was difficult to take but ultimaly something I just accept. After I finish the sketchbook, I will give this another shot.

figure drawing 001.webp
figure drawing 003.webp
figure drawing 005.webp
figure drawing 008.webp
figure drawing 010.webp
figure drawing 011.webp
figure drawing 013.webp
figure drawing 014.webp
figure drawing 016.webp
figure drawing 017.webp
figure drawing 019.webp
figure drawing 020.webp