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A Programmer's Variant of Colemak.
In development since 2011.
I will be extremely brief & to the point.

Basic Featureset

killmak finger rest.webp
Fingers rest on the highlight
"Wide Angle Modification"
Right hand has shifted one column.
"8 Layer Layout"
Allows ~200 extra character inputs on 8 layers, Accessible by these modifiers:
Level3 aka Altgr
How to access layer:
  1. No modifiers
  2. Shift
  3. Level3
  4. Level3 + Shift
  5. Level5
  6. Level5 + Shift
  7. Level5 + Level3
  8. Level5 + Level3 + Shift

Add these to lines to enable within any layout found here:

include "level3(lalt_switch)" // Left Alt
include "level5(ralt_switch)" // Right Alt
Caution: Make backups.

Number Pad

killmak number pad.webp
Numbers delegated to Layer3, as good programmers avoid 'magic numbers'.

Common Symbols

killmak common symbols.webp
No modifiers required.
Positioning Rationale

Uncommon Symbols

killmak uncommon symbols.webp
Accessible by either Level3 or Level5.
Positioning Rationale

Directional Keys

killmak directional keys.webp
Inspired by Vim


killmak letters.webp
Shift + [A-Z]


killmak return.webp
Update: BackSpace replaced by Return
[ Not shown in picrel ]

Functional Keys

killmak functional keys.webp
Accessible by either Level3 or Level5.


Map characters or functions to the modifier keys, that only execute upon a key release. For example:

  1. Press Shift and no other keys.
  2. If you release it within 1 second, Its alternative key would execute.

And that's that.

Lazy Installation

Configuration Files