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A Programmer's Variant of Colemak.
In development since 2011.
I will be extremely brief & to the point.

Basic Featureset

killmak finger rest.webp
Fingers rest on the highlight
"Wide Angle Modification"
Right hand has shifted one column.
"8 Layer Layout"
Allows ~200 extra character inputs on 8 layers, Accessible by these modifiers:
Level3 aka Altgr
How to access layer: §
  1. No modifiers
  2. Shift
  3. Level3
  4. Level3 + Shift
  5. Level5
  6. Level5 + Shift
  7. Level5 + Level3
  8. Level5 + Level3 + Shift

Add these to lines to enable within any layout found here:

include "level3(lalt_switch)" // Left Alt
include "level5(ralt_switch)" // Right Alt
Caution: Make backups.

Number Pad

killmak number pad.webp
Numbers delegated to Layer3, as good programmers avoid 'magic numbers'.

Common Symbols

killmak common symbols.webp
No modifiers required.
Positioning Rationale §

Uncommon Symbols

killmak uncommon symbols.webp
Accessible by either Level3 or Level5.
Positioning Rationale §

Directional Keys

killmak directional keys.webp
Inspired by Vim


killmak letters.webp
Shift + [A-Z]


killmak return.webp
Update: BackSpace replaced by Return
[ Not shown in picrel ]

Functional Keys

killmak functional keys.webp
Accessible by either Level3 or Level5.


Map characters or functions to the modifier keys, that only execute upon a key release. For example:

  1. Press Shift and no other keys.
  2. If you release it within 1 second, Its alternative key would execute.

And that's that.

Lazy Installation

Configuration Files